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Where to Take Your First Snowmobiling Experience

a couple of people that are standing in the snow

Snowmobiling is a thrill, few would argue that. The wind whipping in your face, the flakes flying behind you, the fall-leafed trees or barren branches going by.

But the sport can also be dangerous, which is why you should think carefully about where to take your first snowmobile tour. Here is a list of our favorite places in the Jackson Hole area, so you can add another experience to your next Yellowstone or Grand Teton adventure!

Old Faithful

The famous Old Faithful is just as amazing in winter as in summer. Perhaps more so, given the steaming vents against the wintry backdrops. Take a snowmobile through the backcountry to head to the viewing platform, where you can check out the lodge while you wait for a sighting!

Grand Canyon

Not to be confused with the Arizona stunner, Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon is breathtaking in its own right. With soaring cliffs and winding rivers, it’s perfect for rafting in the summer. In the winter, it becomes an ideal overlook for a snowmobiling trip.

Gros Ventre

Love a national forest? Gros Ventre is the answer. Speed through the quiet woods and stop along the way for a chance to see elk, deer, moose, coyote, bighorn sheep, bald eagles, small mammals, and other birds.

Togwotee High Mountain

Open meadows, deep powder, stunning Teton vistas … what could be better? Of all our snowmobile trips, this might be the most classic Wyoming experience. Bring the whole family!

Turpin Meadows

Enjoy an easier trip through the backcountry, perfect for those who are taking their first snowmobiling experience. This one is ideal for a family, and offers unbelievably gorgeous forest views, along with a good chance of seeing wildlife.

Remember, though: Jackson Hole is a popular area for winter vacations, so tours and lodging fill up fast. If you want to make sure you get in on the former, feel free to give us a call at any time for questions or help with bookings. We can’t wait to see you for your first snowmobiling adventure!