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Yellowstone Snowmobile Tour (Old Faithful)

Snowmobiles, Wildlife, Fantastic Scenery, Majestic Waterfalls & Thermal Features!

Quick Details

Single Sled
A single person driving their own snowmobile Age 16+ with valid drivers license.
Tandem Sled w/ Passenger
Two people on one sled Driver must be 16+ with a valid drivers license. Passenger must be age 8+.

Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour

Jump into a thrilling ride through the heart of Yellowstone with a private snowmobile tour. Explore Wyoming’s natural winter scenery and waterfalls on the way to see Old Faithful, Yellowstone’s iconic geyser. Plus get up close (but not too close) with some of the big animals that call Wyoming home.

Our full-day adventure includes a 45-mile trail ride from sunrise to sunset, with stops at highlights like Moose Falls, Lewis Canyon and West Thumb Geyser Basin. Don’t worry about meals. We have grab-and-go breakfasts and tasty packed sandwiches for lunch on the go.

*Please note that each adventure is unique, influenced by our expert guides, weather conditions, and the dynamic of the group. Rest assured, your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities on every journey.