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Green Initiatives

Snowmobiles & Vehicles

Our fleet of 2014 4-stroke snowmobiles are environmentally friendly, allowing for reduced pollution, emissions, and noise. Although 4-strokes are required by Yellowstone National Park for all outfitters, Scenic Safaris goes one step farther and uses 4-strokes in the National Forest areas as well.

Our vehicles are late model 2014 vans, and we are meticulous about maintenance so they will run efficiently and with the least amount of emissions possible.

Scenic Safaris Recycling Efforts

At Scenic Safaris, we do our best to reuse and recycle what we can to help green our business. We use recycled products whenever possible. Our brochures contain recycled content. Our business cards are printed on 100% recycled content (60% post-consumer waste). We use real silverware and plates for our meals. Our disposable cups and napkins are compost friendly. We use both sides of each sheet of paper whenever possible.

Green Cleaning Products

Scenic Safaris cleans with green! Scenic Safaris chooses green cleaning products from The Clean Environment Co. because of their limited effect on the environment.

“The Clean Environment Co has been selected to provide cleaning products for Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton National Park and over 50 other National Parks.”

More information about being green can be found at ForeverEarth.Net.