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What You Need to Know Before Taking a Snow coach to Old Faithful

a man riding on the back of a truck

Planning a visit to Old Faithful? A snow coach trip to see the famously punctual geyser is the perfect day trip for a couple, family, or even a solo adventurer armed with a camera and a thirst for life.

Most people haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of a snow coach ride, though, so if that’s you, take note. Let’s talk about what you need to know before heading out for the day.

Snow coaches Are Awesome

First and foremost, just what is a snow coach? Basically, it’s a large vehicle, kind of like a bus, that’s made to operate on snow and ice. That means that these vehicles operate in some of the worst snowstorms, which makes it less of a chance of having to cancel your trip. It also means you can access areas of the backcountry you wouldn’t be able to get to on your own.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It might be warm as summer inside that cushy snow coach, but outdoors in winter, Yellowstone can reach some low temperatures. Make sure to bring many layers, both for yourself and your family. This is especially important if you have young children.

You May Have to Wait a Bit

Old Faithful is very … well, faithful. However, it doesn’t go off like clockwork. Rather, the geyser erupts every 35 to 120 minutes for 1 1/2 to 5 minutes. This is good to know if you have kids who might need entertaining. Plan to bring an activity or a snack to make waiting in the cold bearable for all.

You’ll Want a Camera

Old Faithful isn’t the only sight for sore eyes you’ll see on your snow coach tour. Wildlife such as bison, eagles, small mammals, deer, and even wolves or bears abound. You may see any and all of those, so it’s best to be prepared!

There’s Never a Wrong Time to Visit Yellowstone

If you’ve been wondering when to visit Yellowstone, know this: There’s never a wrong time. That said, if you’re interested in taking a snow coach tour, you should book it soon. Seats fill up fast, and you don’t want to miss this year’s opportunity to see Old Faithful and more. Give us a call to ask questions and book your tour today!