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How to Prepare for Your Long-Distance Snowmobile Tour

a person that is standing in the snow

High-mileage snowmobile trips offer a thrill like no other. It takes a while to settle into the rhythm of the road, after all … who wants to give that up right when they’ve gotten into the swing of things?

However, traveling long distances on a snowmobile also requires careful preparation. Extended excursions into the wintry backcountry come with dangers – or at the very least, discomforts – if you’re not careful. Here are four steps to help you prepare for your outing!

1. Get the Right Gear

Staying warm is hands-down the most important element in safely enjoying a snowmobile tour. Depending on whether you hire a guide or not, you may have some of that gear covered – such as boots, pants, coats, and goggles. If you are outfitting yourself, layer clothes and don’t forget any of these or you’ll be sorry later.

2. Bring Enough to Eat

Being cold uses up more energy than you’d think. If you fail to bring enough food, you’ll not only be hungry, but you’ll quickly lose warmth and stamina. It is critical that you pack more food than you think you’ll need for a snowmobile tour, especially if you’re traveling as a family. Extra water is also critical … snowy cold makes you thirsty.

3. Choose the Right Route

The backcountry is an amazing place to view wildlife, experience the quietude that only comes with remote nature, and – let’s be honest – go really fast. But it’s also a good place to get lost if you’re not careful. You need to plan your route from start to finish ahead of time, then track your mileage so you can look for the markers that signal turns in the road. If that sounds like too much for you, just hire a tour operator to show you the sights without the dangers of getting lost in unknown territory!

4. Decide on a Half or Full Day Adventure

Lastly, will you spend the day snowmobiling, or get back in time for lunch and an afternoon hot tub dip? That’s up to you, and there are some good options for both. If you’re looking for a full day, consider the Togwotee High Mountain or Gros Ventre tours. If a half day is more your speed, a trek through the National Forest is the perfect option.

Additional tips: 

  • Be aware of your departure time, because you’ll miss the tour entirely if you’re late.
  • Always do an inspection of your snowmobile before you head out. Look for loose wires, leaks, broken equipment, etc.
  • Bring hand warmers.
  • Pack your compass and GPS.

Whether you choose to rent a snowmobile to explore with your group, or you decide to schedule a tour, get in touch today! Tours fill up fast, and you don’t want to miss out on this epic winter rite of passage.