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Yellowstone Fly Fishing | Best Flies

When it’s time to unplug from the stress of daily living, head to Yellowstone National Park and spend a relaxing day on the famous Snake River. A fly rod in hand and a host of flies by your side will help you net some of the biggest and best cutthroat trout in the area. A Yellowstone fly fishing adventure with Scenic Safaris is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Tempting Flies to Lure Trophy Trout Snake River trout, also known as fine-spotted Cutthroat trout, survive on everything from insects to crayfish and an assortment of small fish in between. This trout is native to the area and is the only known trout that prefers a vertebrate diet, especially small whitefish. They’ll bite, however, on a wide range of seasonal flies, including blue-winged olives, little black stoneflies, and gray drakes….

Tasty Trout Recipes for the Yellowstone Angler

Tangy Grilled Trout The key to grilling an attractive trout is to place it over direct heat for roughly four minutes before moving it to the side of the grill to finish cooking over indirect heat for another 12 to 14 minutes. This gives your trout those lovely grill marks and soft, flaky flesh that are the marks of a professionally prepared fish. To make a perfectly tangy trout, clean and split the fish and marinate for 20 minutes in a cool bath of salt water with just a sprinkle of sugar added. Drain, but don’t rinse. Layer lemon slices and sprigs of fresh dill inside the fish. Fold the fish closed and coat well with salt, pepper and olive oil, to avoid sticking. Place the prepared trout on a well-oiled grill and cook as instructed above. The trout is…

Fishing Excursions on the Snake River

Imagine the excitement of casting a line from the comfort of our Clackacraft Eddy drift boat and bringing in a trophy trout. Now imagine it all set against the perfect backdrop of the Majestic Grand Teton Mountains. If your idea of the perfect vacation involves a scene just like this, you’re going to love our…