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Yellowstone Fly Fishing | Best Flies

When it’s time to unplug from the stress of daily living, head to Yellowstone National Park and spend a relaxing day on the famous Snake River. A fly rod in hand and a host of flies by your side will help you net some of the biggest and best cutthroat trout in the area. A Yellowstone fly fishing adventure with Scenic Safaris is the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Tempting Flies to Lure Trophy Trout

Snake River trout, also known as fine-spotted Cutthroat trout, survive on everything from insects to crayfish and an assortment of small fish in between. This trout is native to the area and is the only known trout that prefers a vertebrate diet, especially small whitefish. They’ll bite, however, on a wide range of seasonal flies, including blue-winged olives, little black stoneflies, and gray drakes.

Snake River trout are sharp, or maybe they’re just jaded. But changing out your flies according to season is a necessity if you’re planning to go home with one or more of these handsome fish. Your Scenic Safaris Snake River guide is your best source of information on which flies work best during which season.

Terrestrial Flies for Stubborn Trout

When your trout just won’t bite on the usual fair, sometimes a terrestrial fly is the answer. Terrestrial insects are those that actually live on land, as opposed to living in the river. And, in nature, sometimes these ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and crickets stumble into the water and become a tasty treat for an alert cutthroat trout. If this is the case, a nice Slough Creek Cricket or Turk Turantula might be just the thing to help you nail the most stubborn of trout.

If you’re ready to spend a relaxing day on one of the most scenic rivers in North America, book a Yellowstone fly fishing expedition with Scenic Safaris today. You’ll learn the ins and outs of angling from some of the best fly fishing experts in the area.