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Granite Hot Springs Awaits You

a group of people in a pool of water

A half-hour southeast of Jackson, Wyoming lies the natural phenomenon known as Granite Hot Springs. In 1933, this naturally occurring spring was enhanced by the Civilian Conservation Corps when a pool was built to catch and contain the naturally heated water. Since then, this popular swimming hole has been the go-to place for adventurers to relax after a long, hard day of hiking through Yellowstone’s tough terrain.

Located smack in the middle of the Gros Ventre Mountains, the man-made pool sits at an elevation of about 7,000 feet above sea level and provides an unrivaled experience to visitors of famed Yellowstone National Park. Farther downstream, you’ll find the natural hot springs pool that was formed by the mountains years ago. Both provide an excellent, scenic getaway for anyone who’s put relaxation at the top of their bucket list. If you’re looking for a good reason to go, we have five of the best:

  1. Columbia Pictures Filmed Portions of the 1992 hit, “A River Runs Through It” at the Primitive Pool at Granite Falls: Love this movie? So do we! Fans of Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer, and Tom Skerritt can relax here, knowing their favorite leading men once did the same.
  2. You Can Swim Here Comfortably Even When It’s Snowing: The temperature of Granite Hot Springs actually runs warmer in winter, up to 112 degrees! This phenomenon makes it the perfect spot to frolic without freezing from December to April.
  3. It’s Seclusion at Its Best: In winter, this area is only accessible by those using snowmobiles, skis or dogsled. Visiting Granite Hot Springs in the winter is a real adventure!
  4. You Can Camp Here: There’s a comfortable campground available here that offers 51 sites for tents and trailers. If you enjoy hiking in the morning, relaxing in the afternoon and sitting round a roaring campfire at night, you’re going to love Granite Hot Springs.
  5. This Area Enjoys a Long Summer Season: Summer at Granite Hot Springs runs from May through October, that’s about three more months of fun and relaxation than other parts of the country get. Visitors to this area during the traditional months of fall are treated to water that’s still 93 degrees.

If you haven’t added a long, luxurious soak in Granite Hot Springs to your bucket list, what are you waiting for? Let Scenic Safaris take you there for an adventure you’ll always remember.