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Grand Canyon Tours…in Yellowstone!

a large mountain in the background

Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, inspirational: Scenic Safaris’ Grand Canyon tours provide you with an unparalleled experience in one of America’s most amazing locales. But, this Grand Canyon may not be the one you’re thinking of, our Grand Canyon is located in the heart of Yellowstone National Park, and it has a natural beauty all its own.

Explored by Charles W. Cook in 1869 and later mapped using his notes and findings, the Grand Canyon at Yellowstone National Park is 4,000 feet at its widest and 1,200 feet at its deepest and goes on for an impressive 20 miles. Featuring beautiful walls of pink, yellow, red and white, as well as three major waterfalls, you must see this incredible geological wonder.

How Was this Grand Canyon Formed?

All of Yellowstone was formed by volcanic activity, mountain-building processes, glacial movement and faults that occurred millions of years ago. The Grand Canyon area, specifically, was formed mostly by years of erosion, a process that was expedited by the presence of faults in the area, though it was once filled with glaciers as well. The erosion cut away the layers of Earth surrounding the Yellowstone River, giving visitors to this area an up-close-and-personal view of what lies beneath the surface of this unique park.

What Makes Up the Canyon’s Tinted Walls?

The action of hot water on volcanic rock, mostly iron, is what forms the colorful walls of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. In fact, it was the yellow-colored banks where the Yellowstone River meets the Missouri River that prompted the Minnetaree Indians to call this area Mi Tse a-da-zi, or Yellow Rock River. This was later translated by French trappers as Roche Jaune, or Yellow Stone, hence, the origin of the national park’s name.

Rocks from this portion of the park date back to Precambrian times, as far back as 4.6 billion years ago, and there are few places on Earth where you can see the spectacular geologic processes that are evident in Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon.

If you’re interested in geology or fascinated by the whole creation-by-volcanic-action theory, then you should book one of Scenic Safaris’ Grand Canyon tours today. Accompanied by experienced guides to explain the unique processes that formed this natural wonder, you’ll find the experience both educational and exciting.