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Old Faithful Tours | Mudspots, Hot Springs & Geysers

a close up of clouds in the sky

If you took the time to count the hydrothermal attractions at Yellowstone, you’d top out at around 10,000, more than you could ever see in even a week’s time. Old Faithful is probably the most famous, of course, but she’s far from the only fascinating wonder you’ll encounter here. Nature has a lot more going on in this place that’s unlike any other on Earth:


Old Faithful is a geyser, and the geysers at Yellowstone number around 500. Geysers are hot springs that intermittently reach boiling temperature and erupt from the ground at intervals. They shoot geysers of superheated water into the air as high as several hundred feet.


Mudpots are areas of bubbling mud that are essentially heated mud puddles. The presence of underground heat and steam warm these puddles to the boiling point, and while they don’t erupt from the ground, it may appear that way. These miracles of nature may shoot mud up to five feet in the air and sometimes resemble mini mud-volcanoes. They’re typically white or gray in appearance, but sometimes the presence of iron in the soil makes them turn attractive shades of pink or red. These are called paintpots, and they’re amazing to see. These hydrothermal features may take on a rotten egg smell from the presence of hydrogen sulfide.

Hot Springs

Hot springs are simply springs that have been heated by volcanic activity beneath the Earth’s surface. Hot springs are the most common hydrothermal features in the park, more numerous than geysers. Granite Hot Springs, located nearby, is a popular vacation spot where visitors can swim and frolic year-long. Many of the hot springs in Yellowstone, however, exceed the boiling point and are only for observation.

Yellowstone’s hydrothermal features play a huge role in its fascinating history as a popular tourist attraction. Experience them for yourself when you book one of Scenic Safaris’ Old Faithful tours.