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Grand Teton Hikes | Beauty & History

a large mountain in the background with Teton Range in the background

Our Grand Teton hikes take you right into the thick of the vast wilderness area that was given its name by French trappers who, it’s rumored, originally christened the mountain range Les Trois Teton.

Reports vary, however, depending upon whom you ask; some say the Shoshone Indians were first with a name for this area of the Rocky Mountains, calling it Teewinot, which means “Many Pinnacles.” Others will tell you it was named after the Teton Sioux Indians. Regardless of which story you choose to believe, you’re still going to love exploring this area with a seasoned guide who’s well versed in all the lore. Some areas of the Tetons today are just as fascinating and primitive as they were in the 1800s, and our Scenic Safaris’ Grand Teton Hikes offer you the opportunity to take that perfect step back in time.

What are the Tetons?

Consisting of the South, Middle, and Grand Tetons, this mountain range stretches for 40 miles across Northwest Wyoming and harbors peaks that are almost 14,000 feet high. The highest peak, The Grand Teton, reaches upward for 13,770 feet and forms the tallest of the ranges.

Why You Should Explore the Tetons

When taking one of our Grand Teton Hikes, you’ll experience extraordinary photo opportunities. We adjust our hikes according to the migration habits of local wildlife, giving you the best chance to see big game such as bison, moose, and antelope. Bald eagles also call this wild area home, and if your group is one of the lucky ones, you just might see America’s national bird as it soars majestically overhead.

The views and vistas you’ll experience as you maneuver among the Tetons are hard to beat, and may include the cabins at Mormon Row as well as the Luther Taylor Cabin and Homestead that was featured in the classic movie, “Shane.”

Scenic Safaris’ Grand Teton hikes give you the unique opportunity to explore this scenic wilderness in all its beautiful glory. Book your adventure today.