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Which Yellowstone Winter Tours To Consider This Year


America’s first national park draws millions of tourists each year, and for good reason. The park’s stunning vistas are gorgeous in every season, with sweeping prairies, soaring peaks and wildlife galore. No trip to the West is complete without a stop at this natural jewel.

Of course, with so many sights to see, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Accordingly, here is a list of our favorite trips for consideration when planning your trip!

Old Faithful

This geyser’s regular timing is legendary – going off every 30 to 120 minutes and rising to potential heights of 180 feet – allowing any visitor ample opportunity to see it go off no matter when they visit. (If you plan right, you can even get lunch with a viewing before and after.) Want to experience an adventure on your way there? Then a snowmobile tour might be in order!

Not sure snowmobiling is your thing? Try snowcoach instead!

Grand Canyon

Snowmobiles can also take you through the snowy, pristine backcountry to a variety of other destinations, including Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. Not to be confused with the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yellowstone’s epic chasm is quite breathtaking in its own right. Up to 4,000 feet wide and 1,200 feet deep in places, it’s well worth seeing.

Grand Teton

Want to step outside Yellowstone for the day and see what else the Jackson area has to offer? We can’t recommend Grand Teton highly enough, especially by luxury van! At only 5 hours, this shorter trip affords lots of photo opportunities and bonding time for families, without requiring you devote all day to it. See the impressive pinnacles of the Teton range and wildlife such as bison, moose, elk, coyotes, bald eagles, and more

Ready to book your trip? Have questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us here at Scenic Safaris today. Remember to book right away, because trips fill up fast. See you soon!