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5 Advantages of Escorted Tours in Yellowstone

a man riding on the back of a truck

Considering a visit to Yellowstone National Park this season? There’s no better way to see the park than with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Many people, however, are torn on whether to get an escort or go it alone. If you’re on the fence, take a look at these five reasons to book an escorted Yellowstone tour.

1. You Benefit from Permits

Joe Mainstreet just doesn’t have the same access to backcountry areas that guides do, plain and simple. Because the parks take care to limit travel in certain areas, you may be out of luck by the time you plan a solo or family trip. Instead, sign on with a tour company to benefit from a permit.

2. You Can Travel Farther

It’s hard to get far enough into the park in a single day to really enjoy the scenery, especially if you don’t know the way, or only have a car that can’t take back roads. Guided tours use alternate vehicles and the best byways to get you where you want to go.

3. Guides Know the Way

When hiking or trekking out to see geysers, canyons, and wildlife, it’s important to know the best spots and most direct routes. Unless you’re a Yellowstone pro, you’re bound to have a better experience with a guide.

4. You’ll Get the History

The parks aren’t just about nature and wildlife; they’re also a thick slice of American history. With an escort, you can get the rundown without having to stick your nose in a book the whole time.

5. You Can Travel by Water

For most regular tourists, planning a boat trip and renting all your own equipment is daunting and prohibitive. When you go with a guide, however, that part is taken care of for you – so all you have to do is enjoy the scenery.

Think you might want a guide? Then it’s time to book one today because reservations fill up fast. Head to Scenic Safaris for ATV or side-by-side tours, and check out Mad River Boat Trips if you’d rather immerse yourself in the backcountry by raft. Either way, don’t wait!