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3 Can’t-Miss Wyoming Guided Tours

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are among the crown jewels of the United States parks program. These gorgeous, scenic preserves are teeming with ancient rivers and canyons, iconic American wildlife and vistas galore. What better way to spend a summer or a winter than taking a guided tour into the heart of America’s backcountry?

Yet that doesn’t answer the question of where exactly you should go. If you’re wondering where in majestic Wyoming to spend a summer or winter vacation, we’ve got you covered with three can’t-miss tours today.

Snowmobile and Snow Coach Trips

When the snow lays heavy on the ground and the mountains sparkle in the bright morning light, there’s nothing better than traipsing through the country for a gander at the flora and fauna of great Wyoming. Try a snowmobile trip if you’ve got a wilder side, or book a cozy seat in a snow coach for great views without the frigid weather. Either way, you’ll be mobile, able to experience so much more of Wyoming than you otherwise would.

ATV Tours

Summertime? Goodbye snowmobiles, hello ATVs! Four-wheelers are the perfect way to see vast swaths of the backcountry in a morning or a day. If you’re looking to go beyond a traditional hike or car trip, and get away from the bustling tourist crowds, this is the perfect way to do just that.

Fishing and Rafting Trips

If you love getting splashed, a rafting trip along the Snake River might do the trick for you. Try whitewater rafting for a true thrill, or a scenic float for the best chance of spotting birds and wildlife. Other folks prefer the quiet contemplation of fishing trips, standing knee deep in burbling water as they try to bring in the big one.

Whatever your style, we have a trip for you. The only downside? Trips fill up fast, so don’t wait to reach out to Scenic Safaris or Mad River Boat Trips for the ultimate guided experience today. Wyoming is waiting!