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Yellowstone Wildlife You Might See on a Summer Safari

a panda bear walking across a grass covered field

Our busy, bustling days are full of digital devices, duty and the dullness of city streets and regular routines. Nothing breaks the mold like stepping outside of daily life and experiencing America’s gorgeous parks – with Yellowstone prime among them.

One of the first parks (if not the first) founded, Yellowstone National Park is a crowning jewel of the West. No matter who you are or where you live, it’s well worth the visit, especially once you add in all that wildlife!

So what animals might you see on a trip to Yellowstone?

Herd Animals

The great plains of Yellowstone National Park are famous for their roving herds of bison, once so populous they roamed over huge swaths of the New World. Add to that herds of elk, moose and antelope, and you have a safari experience made in heaven.


Many majestic birds call Yellowstone home. Out in the backcountry, you’re likely to sight avian amigos such as eagles, hawks, falcons and even the majestic Trumpeter Swan. Not only will these experiences stick with you for a lifetime, but they also make for a pretty awesome photo op.

Furry Friends

Everyone loves a good furry friend, even if they’re not quite the type you ought to cuddle up to. A tour through Yellowstone’s backcountry can yield sightings of bears, wolves and badgers, some of nature’s most beautiful animals. If you come during the spring and early summer, you might catch sight of little cubs as well … nothing cuter!

River Wildlife

Are you a fan of aquatic wildlife? Lovers of birds, frogs and fish will adore a scenic float from experienced tour companies such as Scenic Safaris and Mad River Boat Trips. Keep your eyes peeled and you might even catch an otter.

Just don’t wait to book your tour, since they fill up fast! As soon as you have those plane tickets and rooms scheduled, get your tour tickets today.