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Family Fun on Snowmobile Trails

Snowmobile trails are a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors together as a family during the winter. If you are not from an area that receives significant snowfall, you may not have previously considered snowmobiling, which is a family-friendly activity. Many locals in the Jackson and Teton Valley region have fond memories of family snowmobile excursions.

At Scenic Safaris, we are proud to offer the following guided tours of snowmobile trails that are suitable for families.

Teton Half-Day Snowmobile Tour

This trail ride is ideal for your family’s very first snowmobile adventure. The well-groomed trail makes it for easy riding. You will spend between one-and-a-half to two hours on the trail, with plenty of stops for amazing photo opportunities. Light breakfast and refreshments are also included with this tour.

Old Faithful Snowmobile Trail

This 12-hour, full-day tour might be a little too much for younger children or first-time snowmobilers. Even though it is a long day, there are several stops at points of interest and a midday break. During the midday break, you will see Old Faithful erupt and eat lunch (breakfast is also included), before heading back out on the trail. The leisurely pace and frequent stops make this tour ideal for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.

Gros Ventre Snowmobile Tour

Another full-day tour, but with fewer stops than the Old Faithful Tour, the Gros Ventre Snowmobile Tour is an eight to nine-hour day. You will ride through groomed trails in the stunning backcountry of Gros Ventre, which is considered critical winter range for wildlife. This tour is also perfect for families that want to see the wildlife and wilderness of the area. Lunch on the trail is included.

Togwotee High Mountain Tour

One of our most adventurous tours, this is perfect for locals and families with older children. You will get to ride off-trail through deep snow and across open meadows and timbered valleys. If you are looking fun and exhilarating snowmobile riding, the Togwotee High Mountain Tour is for you. Lunch at Brooks Lake Lodge is included.

Whether you are a visitor to the Jackson area or a lifelong resident, create unforgettable family memories this winter with a guided tour from Scenic Safaris. Choose the tour that’s right for your family and explore some of the many snowmobile trails that draw enthusiasts year after year. Contact us today for more information or to book your tour.