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Gros Ventre Wildlife Tour Package with Scenic Flight

a herd of sheep walking across a snow covered field

At Scenic Safaris, we pride ourselves on offering unique wildlife tour packages that show you the Yellowstone area as you’ve never seen it, no matter how many times you have visited. With our Gros Ventre Snowmobile Tour and Scenic Flight, you can see the beauty of the Gros Ventre wilderness and wildlife from two breathtaking perspectives: the trail and the sky.

The Trail View

The two-hour trail ride that is part of this tour begins near the massive landslide that completely decimated the original town of Kelly. You will travel a well-groomed snowmobile trail on one of our modern backcountry Ski-Doo Touring Snowmobiles.

During the guided snowmobile tour, you may encounter some of the area’s spectacular wildlife such as elk, moose, and bighorn sheep. If you have never seen these majestic creatures up close before, be prepared for an unforgettable experience. Most male elk don’t shed their antlers until late in the winter season, so early winter visitors are likely to see them at their most impressive. While on the trail, don’t forget to keep an eye toward the sky. You just might be rewarded with a glimpse of America’s national bird, the American Bald Eagle.

The Sky View

After exploring the snowmobile trail and refueling with lunch, it will be time to take to the skies. From a private Cessna, you and your group of up to seven people will get a truly unique view of the area. As you soar through the awe-inspiring Teton Range, you will have the opportunity to see summits that are invisible from the ground.

From your aerial perspective, you might get to see an elk herd traversing the wilderness. But the magnificent mountains are the real highlight of this tour. Your pilot will highlight points of interest and share the story of the stunning landscape throughout your flight.

This winter, experience the Tetons and Gros Ventre Wilderness with one of the only wildlife tour packages that includes both guided snowmobile and aerial tours. For more information or to book your Gros Ventre Snowmobile Tour and Scenic Flight, contact us today.