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See Jackson Hole Wildlife Up-Close

a bird that is standing in the snow

In the quiet of winter, the wildlife of Grand Teton National Park becomes a beautiful winter wonderland. Jackson Hole wildlife tours during these months offer fantastic opportunities for wildlife viewing. At Scenic Safaris, our Grand Teton Wildlife Luxury Van Tour gives visitors a chance to observe the majestic animals that live in and around Grand Teton National Park.


Throughout the winter, bison and many other mammals migrate towards water sources. Hydrothermal features, such as the Warm Springs of Grand Teton National Park, often draw these massive creatures during the colder months. Although bison subsist largely on grasses, they are equipped to find vegetation even in the winter. Their large head and massive shoulder muscles allow them to clear heavy snow by sweeping their head from side to side. As a result, they can reach and eat the small brush and grasses beneath.


Elk are one of the most abundant large mammals in Grand Teton National Park. Their huge antlers are a grand sight, especially against the backdrop of the winter snow. The Grand Teton Wildlife Luxury Van Tour begins by traveling through the National Elk Refuge. Thousands of elk travel down to the vast valley of this refuge in the winter making it the perfect opportunity to photograph these majestic animals on this tour.

Bald Eagles

While many birds fly south for the winter, the bald eagles of Grand Teton stay year around, only migrating to other areas of the park. In the fall, bald eagles head toward open water that does not freeze over the winter. They nest in mated pairs and return to the same nests year after year. Nests for these beautiful birds of prey are usually trees averaging 90-feet tall that are near the open water. In Grand Teton National Park, bald eagles are also often seen along the Gros Ventre River year-round.

This winter, see the amazing animals that spend their winters in Grand Teton National Park with Scenic Safaris. For more information or to book one of our Jackson Hole wildlife tours, contact us today.