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Experience Old Faithful in Winter | Mountain Adventure Tours

a sign on the side of a snow covered field

There are a variety of mountain adventure tours for you to choose from here at Scenic Safaris! One of our favorites, the Old Faithful Winter Tour, is an excursion that appeals to the young and old, regardless of snowmobile experience level. This famous geyser brings people from across the globe to Yellowstone year-round but we want to give you a unique tour of it ourselves.

Old Faithful

There are over 500 geysers in Yellowstone National Park, but most people can only name one: Old Faithful. As with all geysers, Old Faithful is similar to a hot spring. The main difference is that near the surface there are constrictions that prevent it from pooling, which would allow heat to escape. Without the ability to release heat, the water temperature increases, creating steam, and increasing the pressure in the underground system until it erupts above the surface. Water is expelled violently and the pressure in the system decreases. The cycle then starts all over again.

Old Faithful gained its named from its reliable interval between eruptions. Although the intervals between eruptions can vary from 60 to 110 minutes, the length of the most recent eruption can help predict the following interval with close to 90 percent accuracy.

Old Faithful Winter Tour

With winter just around the corner, Yellowstone National Park becomes a little harder to travel through, so we take to the park via snowmobile. Our 12-hour Old Faithful Winter Tour starts bright and early; your guide will pick you up between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. We will begin the day with breakfast at Flagg Ranch before getting your full snowmobile gear kit. The tour enters Yellowstone from the south entrance, where we will access the snowmobiles and start our ride. The groomed trail from the south entrance to Old Faithful is 45 miles of amazing scenery.

This mountain adventure tour is perfect for history buffs, families, and even photographers. Throughout the ride, you will make several stops to observe and learn about special points of interest along the way. Once we arrive at Old Faithful, we will get to catch a glimpse of an eruption, and then eat lunch before continuing on the rest of the tour.

No matter what time of year you visit Yellowstone, Old Faithful will reliably erupt 17 times a day. Visiting during the winter gives you a chance to see Old Faithful without the summer crowds and with a unique tour unlike any other. Additionally, the Old Faithful Winter Tour with Scenic Safaris gives you a full day of snowmobile riding. For more information or to book your Old Faithful Winter Tour, contact us today.