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Experience This Self Guided Tour in Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone is arguably the United States’ pride and joy when it comes to natural landscapes. It’s a year-round attraction for people of all ages, from U.S. citizens to world travelers. There’s a lot to see, though, which means careful planning if you want to get to it all. Here’s a self-guided tour that won’t miss the big sights, plus a few FAQs to set you off on the right foot.

1. Old Faithful

When most people think of Yellowstone, this attraction is usually first on their list. This geyser truly is faithful, going off regularly about once an hour on average. It’s even more spectacular in winter, steaming against a snowy backdrop and moody sky.

2. Grand Prismatic Spring

As Old Faithful is the poster child of geysers, so is Grand Prismatic Spring the best example of a hot spring. This colorful yet boiling pit of water showcases different colors around the edges due to the different bacteria that inhabit different temperatures. It’s a can’t-miss stop.

3. Grand Canyon and Visitor Education Center

No, it’s not the one in Arizona. Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon has its own drama, though, with cliff walls soaring hundreds of feet as the river winds through them.

Here’s an even better way to view the canyon – from a warm and cozy visitor center that explains all about the history and geology of the area. Make sure to stop in before or after you view the canyon.

4. Slough Creek

Last on your Yellowstone tour, especially if you’re the type to enjoy some quiet fishing or meditation in the presence of Mother Earth’s waterways, is Slough Creek. This gorgeous and remote area is the perfect stop for catching an evening sunset and some wildlife shots with that camera.

Can You See All These Sights?

Not all of the above stops are freely accessible by cars or hiking during the wintertime. Yellowstone National Park regulates its traffic heavily for the sake of wildlife and landscape, and you don’t want to show up on your trip and discover that you can’t get a permit to see the amazing sites you’re looking for!

The easy answer is to book trips through a tour guide that handles permitting and knows how to navigate the backcountry. That way, you can explore without worry, making those memories you came to make! If you have more questions about a self-guided tour vs. paid guided tour, feel free to get in touch with Scenic Safaris today!