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Fall Getaway: Plan a Weekend Trip to Yellowstone

a tree next to a body of water

Though America’s first national park is so large and majestic as to easily soak up two weeks of your time, you don’t have to use all your PTO to see it. In fact, you can pack many of Yellowstone’s best sights into one wonderful weekend.

If you’ve been dreaming of Yellowstone National Park in leaf season (and you should be), here’s how to do it.

Get Your Tickets and Hotels Early

The best places to stay fill up early, so don’t wait to book your hotels. If you want those sweeping prairie views or dream of waking up to the Grand Teton mountain range outside your window, jump online and book your hotel today.

The same goes for flights. While waiting till the last minute can sometimes get you good prices, you still want to make sure you can fly on the weekend you want and that the whole family can sit together.

Schedule Your Tours

Fall is the perfect time to schedule summer hikes and ATV rides, or winter bus trips and snowmobile tours. Depending on when you’re coming, check out the many summer activities and winter tours Scenic Safaris offers. A rough cut off is the end of October for the transition, but our team is happy to tell you more today.

Oh, and if you manage to make it while the weather is still hot, don’t forget about rafting trips!

Read Up on the Park

Whether you’re a plant person, a bird buff or a natural history hound, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your cravings here. Check out the indigenous plants on this NPS site, read up on birds here and start creating cultural memories before you even depart!

The main takeaway? You aren’t the only one who’s making the wise decision to check Yellowstone off the list this fall, so don’t wait any longer to make your plans. Get in touch with Scenic Safaris to ask questions or book a trip today!