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Why You Should Visit Grand Teton in Spring

a large brown cow standing on top of a grass covered field

Spring has a fantastic reputation. Blooms pop out, the snow starts to melt, balmy breezes make their way in as early as March – only to be swept away by late winter snows. It’s a bracing time of year redolent of Elizabethan romances and Walden-esque meditations, and nowhere is this truer than Grand Teton National Park.

Thinking of planning a trip there in the spring? You can’t go wrong, but if you need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons to visit Grand Teton this wonderful time of year.

1. Baby Animals Are Everything

Tiny elk calves, wobbling baby bears and cuddly-looking bison top the list of adorable animals you might glimpse in Grand Teton’s lovely springtime. Of course, we don’t recommend you actually cuddle them, but if you’re looking for a photo op, this is a great time of year to catch those snuggly moments.

2. Hiking Becomes Possible

During most of the winter months, hiking is a no-go. If you’re a snow-shoer, come on down earlier in the spring. However, if you want a traditional trek, wait until the trails are free of snow.

3. Migratory Birds Arrive

In springtime, birds begin arriving from down south en masse. You’ll catch brightly colored mountain bluebirds, red-tailed hawks, and red-winged blackbirds. If you’re lucky, you might catch sight of a majestic bald eagle or two.

4. The Wildflowers, OMG

If you love flowers, then you’ll revel in the fields upon fields of flowers that spring up in the Grand Teton grasslands. Enjoy huckleberry, native orchids, cinquefoil, lilies, sedums and so much more.

5. Your Pick of Tours

Another awesome thing about spring is, depending on when you book your trip, you can choose from either summer adventure or winter tours. If you’re more the snowmobiling type, you’ll find plenty of adventure on the Grand Teton heights. If, on the other hand, you love a good hike, then summer is your jam.

Want to learn more or book your adventure? Get in touch with Scenic Safaris to ask questions or get signed up for a tour today!