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Tips for Navigating Yellowstone with Kids

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The National Parks are amazing places to visit with kids, and Yellowstone is no exception. If you’re looking for a vacation that emphasizes stewardship, boasts gorgeous views and offers plenty of hikes and other outings, look no further.

Whether you’re headed to the park in spring, summer, fall or winter, there’s always something to do – but again, no matter the time of year, you must be careful. Yellowstone isn’t a dangerous place, but safety sense and some good old-fashioned common sense will make your visit much more enjoyable.

Stay on the Path

The signs are there for a reason, so stay on the path! Not only does this protect kiddos from bites, stings, and ticks, it also protects the park from erosion, crushed plants, and disturbed wildlife.

Teach Kids Animal Safety

You’re not likely to face dangerous wild animals in Yellowstone. Most are shy and will avoid humans wherever possible. However, bears and other large animals do see enough people that they may not run off immediately.

If you’re lucky enough to experience a wildlife encounter, you must act appropriately. Teach your kids the right responses to animal encounters to protect everyone involved.

Always Bring Snacks

Kids are famous for getting hungry and ruining a good time. When you’re out and about in the park is no exception, especially as unforeseen obstacles or overambitious hiking trips can throw your schedule off. Always bring more food than you need to keep kids happy and ensure a long and successful adventure.

Plan a Guided Trip

Guided trips are one of the best ways to see nature. Not only do you get to experience the best spots in both summer and winter, but you can also enjoy adventurous outings such as snowmobiling, snow coach tours, and hiking. Immerse yourself and your family with a Scenic Safaris tour this year … call today to find out more and book a trip while there’s still room!