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Facts About the Grand Teton Mountains

a herd of cattle standing on top of a snow covered field

Known for the stunning peaks that range jagged across the sky, snowcapped most of the year and still dramatic even in snowless late summer months, the Grand Tetons are a gorgeous landscape to visit any time of year. If you’re considering a trip, here are a few facts to put in your back pocket.

The Grand Tetons Always Have Something to See

Some people worry about hitting a destination the “right” time of year, but there really isn’t one in the Grand Tetons. In winter, you’ll see lots of birds and potentially deer foraging for winter food. Springtime brings an incredible abundance of colorful wildflowers, while the summer landscapes are all waving grasses and roaming bison. And the fall color? Well, that just can’t be beaten.

The Park Had a Rough Beginning

Grand Teton National Park has the unique honor of having been established twice, first in 1929 and then in 1950. The original park was 96,000 acres, while the second was merged with 210,000-acre Jackson Hole National Monument and an additional 35,000 acres from John D. Rockefeller. It’s size today, 310,000 acres, is a result of these combined areas.

The Mountains Sit on a Fault Line

The Teton Range is 40 miles long, the result of two plates slipping over one another. The side that rose up became the mountains, while the side that dipped underneath has become the bowl-shaped formation in the land we know as Jackson Hole.

There Are So Many Ways to Explore the Area

Whatever your interest, there’s a way to visit the Grand Tetons that highlights it. Love spotting animals in their natural habitat? Consider a Grand Teton Wildlife Tour. If sunset gets you going, there’s a tour for that as well.

If you instead prefer the snow-muffled silence and sparkling white landscapes of winter, you can take a luxury van tour to view wildlife that time of year as well. Curious what else you can do and explore in this magical corner of the world? Get in touch with Scenic Safaris and we’ll happily tell you all about it or help you book a trip today!