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What to Know Before Visiting Yellowstone in Winter

a man riding a snowboard down a snow covered slope

Snow bunnies, rejoice! The winter season at Yellowstone National Park is fully upon us, which means it’s an excellent time to plan your getaway. If you’ve never been to this beautiful part of the country in the winter, read on to learn why winter might just be the best time of year to visit!

It’s Less Crowded

First and foremost, the winter crowds at Yellowstone pale in comparison to the busy summer months, which can get close to one million visitors during the peak months of July and August. Compare that to the winter months, which typically see fewer than 50,000 visitors per month. It’s a significant difference, and one that you’ll feel when you visit the sites of Yellowstone and enjoy more peace and quiet, and far fewer visitors in your sight lines. Enjoy a tour of Old Faithful by snowcoach or snowmobile, and spend the day getting up close and personal with one of nature’s true wonders, with just you and a small crowd of fellow winter lovers.

It’s Cozy

From skiing to snowmobiling to winter hiking, there are plenty of awesome activities to do all year round in Yellowstone that will help get your blood pumping. Once the thrill of your day winds down, there’s truly nothing better than returning to a cozy cabin or lodge to warm up by a fireplace.

It’s Worth Taking Seriously!

Extreme weather is the norm during the winter months at Yellowstone. Even if your plans include touring the park by snowcoach, you’ll still want to layer up your clothing and be sure to protect your extremities. Going for a snowshoe or cross-country ski can be an incredible, unforgettable experience in the brilliant white snow, but take a moment to review the guidelines from the National Parks Service, and be sure to plan ahead with ample snacks, water, and a plan to take advantage of warming stations along your route.

Ready to trade out summer fun for winter adventure? Contact us at Scenic Safaris to learn more about winter rentals and winter adventure tours through Yellowstone, as well as helpful tips for planning your next visit.