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Planning the Perfect Yellowstone Trip Itinerary

a herd of sheep grazing on a lush green hillside

Spanning more than 3,500 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is not only the oldest National Park in the country but also one of the largest. It’s fairly impossible to do all of Yellowstone in a day — the park is a destination in and of itself.

Here’s a few tips for creating the perfect Yellowstone trip itinerary:

Hit Many of the Top Sites in One Day

Tour guides know how to traverse through Yellowstone National Park in order to streamline the process of hitting the top attractions in the park. Booking a full-day tour will allow you to see the best of what Yellowstone has to offer, from the infamous Old Faithful geyser to the vivid Grand Prismatic Spring and the iconic Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Scenic Safaris Yellowstone Lower Loop Tour is a 12-hour adventure that simply must be included on your vacation itinerary.

Schedule Leisurely Days in Relaxed Spots

A 12-hour day on a tour bus is exciting, but it also can be exhausting. The day after your tour is complete, you may want to explore the quieter, more peaceful areas of Yellowstone National Park. This is an ideal time to visit Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley. These valleys offer hiking trails for beginners and more treacherous trails for those who are more experienced. Along the way, hikers are sure to spot some of the wildlife that calls this place home.

Don’t Forget to Include One or Two Less Popular Areas

You wouldn’t want to visit Yellowstone without seeing Old Faithful spray high into the sky, but you’ll also be surrounded by numerous tourists hoping to catch a glimpse. To appreciate the true beauty of this park, head to some of the less popular sites where you may get some time to yourself. Adding the Black Sand Basin or Mammoth Hot Springs to your itinerary will surely enhance the experience.

Whether you have an adventurous spirit or you prefer a more relaxed approach to touring Yellowstone, Scenic Safaris offers unparalleled experiences in and around Yellowstone National Park. Book your tour by contacting us today.