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Don’t Miss This Sightseeing Spot: Obsidian Cliff

In all likelihood, your itinerary for your trip to Yellowstone National Park includes a stop at the infamous Old Faithful geyser and the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring, but you may have inadvertently omitted Obsidian Cliff. If you haven’t included this stop on your schedule, be sure to add Obsidian Cliff to your list of must-see sites!

Obsidian Cliff: What You Need to Know

Obsidian Cliff is a primary source of obsidian (glass-like volcanic rock) not only within Yellowstone but also throughout the United States. For thousands of years, humans have been utilizing the obsidian from this cliff in order to create tools and products. Obsidian also played an important role in the trade between nations and civilizations. For thousands of years, Obsidian Cliff has been a destination quarry for hunter-gatherers, but it wasn’t until 1996 that it was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

How to Get to Obsidian Cliff

Obsidian Cliff is located on Grand Loop Road, in the Mammoth-Norris section of the road. Most people visit the cliff after they stop at the Mammoth Hot Springs, which are located about 13 miles away. Once you have arrived at Obsidian Cliff, don’t forget to visit the Obsidian Cliff kiosk for more information about this iconic site within Yellowstone National Park.

After you have visited the magnificent and significant Obsidian Cliff, you’ll want to make time to see everything else in Yellowstone as well. To check out all of the sites on the Lower Loop of Yellowstone National Park, book a Scenic Safaris Yellowstone Loop Full Day Tour. This 12-hour excursion takes you to all of the top spots in Yellowstone while you travel comfortably in a luxury van. In addition to seeing sites like Old Faithful and the Fountain Paint Pots, you’ll also get an up-front seat to some of the best wildlife viewing in the country. Contact us today to book your tour.