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Top 5 Advantages of a Guided Tour

a herd of cattle standing on top of a car

Experience your next trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with a Scenic Safaris guided tour. Geysers, wildlife and amazing views await in this area of Jackson, Wyoming. Explore the area by ATV, river float, luxury van or foot with one of our trained guides. Here are the top five advantages of a guided tour.

  1. Maximize Your Time

We strategically plan our guided tours so that you can see the most while you’re here. Each tour varies slightly depending on group interest and wildlife migration routes. This is our own backyard, and we know the best places to go to see wildlife, geysers and amazing views.

  1. Less Planning

Reading reviews, checking websites and asking friends might be part of your vacation planning. Wouldn’t it be nice just to show up? That’s what you get with a guided tour.

  1. Expert Tips

Our trained guides offer unique tips, like where to look to spot antelope or the best place to stand to get the perfect photo. On a guided tour, we provide binoculars for long-distance viewing and will be sure to let you know how and when to use them. Some guides may even provide recommendations for other activities in the area.

  1. Historical Anecdotes

Many of our guides have lived in the area or worked with us for many years. They’re full of knowledge and stories. Want to know more about the settlers that built the old log barn? Our guide will tell you everything you want to know. A guided tour is truly an enriching experience.

  1. Lunch!

Many, but not all, of our guided tours will have lunch and refreshments provided. It’s our goal to keep you happy.

Learn more about the guided tours we offer at Scenic Safaris. Choose from full- or half-day adventures by foot, van or raft. Join us and explore the most popular national parks in America!