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Celebrating The Four Seasons of Old Faithful

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With over a million recorded eruptions, Old Faithful may be the most studied geyser in the world. It is certainly the most famous. Although the majority of visitors come to Yellowstone in the summer, Old Faithful offers spectacular viewing all year long. We’ve compiled a few Old Faithful seasonal highlights to show you what we mean.


Spring in Yellowstone may look a lot like winter if you’re not from around here. Snow keeps most of the park roads closed until May. But the park service works hard to get the road from Mammoth to Old Faithful open in April. The heat of the thermal features near Old Faithful helps to melt the snow here sooner than the rest of the park. Although it may feel and look a bit like winter, the wildlife in Yellowstone know it’s Springtime and start to wake up from their winter slumber, so you may get to see some amazing creatures and their newborn babies. During the Spring, the days have started to warm up but the summer crowds haven’t arrived yet, creating a peaceful atmosphere without having to brave the potentially subzero temperatures of a Yellowstone winter.


By far the most popular time to see Old Faithful, Summer is peak season in Yellowstone. Despite the high number of visitors, it’s actually still easy to see Old Faithful. Thanks to the geyser’s predictability, early park developers created several special viewing areas to watch the eruptions. During the summer, all concessions and services are open so there’s a bit more to explore than during the off-peak season.


As the air cools down and the leaves start to change, Yellowstone slows down. The Old Faithful Lodge and concessions stay open into mid-October when it’s not uncommon for the park to see it’s first snowfall of the season. During the Fall, the bison migrate to the lower elevations in the park, including the Old Faithful area. If you want to potentially see bison in the Old Faithful geyser basin, without the cold of winter, Autumn is the season for you.


Winter in Yellowstone is absolutely magical. The snow blankets the ground and a hush falls over the park. If you happen to visit Old Faithful while the snow is falling, you may be able to witness a rare treat: a snow eruption. During a snow eruption, the hot water expelled from the geyser immediately freezes into snow as it meets the cold air, making it look like snow is erupting from the vent. Wolves and bison can also be seen or heard, near Old Faithful during the coldest months of the year.

No matter the season, you can count on Old Faithful to deliver an awe-inspiring show 20 times a day. At Scenic Safaris, we offer year-round excursions to this amazing geyser. Ready to book your Old Faithful Tour? Contact us today.