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Build Your Yellowstone Bucket List

a group of people riding skis down a dirt road

Spanning over two million acres, Yellowstone National Park is larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Given the park’s size, there is absolutely no way to see or do everything at Yellowstone in one visit. If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, the best way to see and experience the things most important to you is to create a bucket list. While such lists are bound to vary person to person, here are a few things we at Scenic Safaris think should be on everyone’s Yellowstone must-do agenda.

Watch a Geyser Erupt

Yellowstone is home to over 500 geysers, more than anywhere else in the world. For most people, a trip to Yellowstone is the only chance they will ever have to see a geyser erupt. Yellowstone’s most famous geyser, Old Faithful, is a popular destination all year round for precisely that reason. Its reliability makes Old Faithful your best chance to see a geyser erupt, no matter the length of your visit.

See the Wildlife

The wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is as abundant as it is diverse. Nearly 400 different species of animals call the park home. Bison, elk, moose, bears, wolves, foxes, and bighorn sheep are just a few of the mammals you may see while visiting. For the best chance at spectacular wildlife viewing, consider booking a wildlife viewing tour with Scenic Safaris, available in the extended winter and summer months.

Visit During Your Favorite Season

The beauty of Yellowstone can be experienced no matter what the season. Choose your favorite time of year or add them all to your bucket list. Visiting in just one season, of course, will only offer one side of this amazing wilderness, so you may want to plan more than one trip!

  • Springtime offers wildflower blooms and glimpses of newborn animal life. The water is rushing and the fishing is amazing.
  • Summer is our peak season and the roads are accessible throughout the park. Outdoor activities are abundant with the warm summer weather. And, of course, the summer sunsets over the lake are spectacular.
  • Autumn brings fewer crowds, gorgeous fall colors, and perfect hiking temperatures.
  • Winter creates a veritable wonderland when the snow and the crisp air reign supreme. Visitors can traverse the park on snowmobiles or in luxury snow coaches. The mountains, the meadows, even the lodgepole pines are covered in snow and the country’s first national park feels still and quiet.

Want to add more items to your Yellowstone bucket list? The National Park Service’s website is a great place to start. For more information, or to book a guided tour of Yellowstone with Scenic Safaris, contact us today. We’re here to show you Yellowstone like no one else can!