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3 Tips for Planning Your First Yellowstone Vacation

a body of water surrounded by trees
Planning your visit to America’s first national park is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. After all, Yellowstone encompasses over 3,400 square miles. There are more than 500 active geysers, nearly 300 waterfalls, hundreds of animal species, and more than a thousand species of vegetation. There’s so much to choose from!
At Scenic Safaris, we are experts on how to do Yellowstone right. Follow the tips below to help you get the most out of your first visit to this amazing American landmark.

1. Prioritize the Sights and Attractions Important to You

There is simply no way to experience all of Yellowstone in one trip. Our advice is to do your homework and make a short list of your must-see park features and must-do activities. Will you be disappointed if you don’t see Old Faithful erupt? Have you always dreamed of snowmobiling through the deep powder of Togwotee Pass? Make these your must-see and -do items and let other activities fall onto the “it would be nice if we can” list.

2. Book a Guided Tour

Yes, you can explore Yellowstone on your own, but a professional, knowledgeable tour guide can show you around the park. Their knowledge is extremely helpful while sharing fascinating facts and stories about the area’s history. Additionally, during the winter months, much of the park is simply inaccessible by car. With Scenic Safaris, you can choose to explore the park in the comfort of our luxury snow coach or atop a snowmobile.

3. Give Yourself Extra Time

While there is no way to see Yellowstone all in one trip, you may be tempted to try and spend every minute bouncing from one attraction to the next. Resist the temptation to overbook yourself. Leave yourself time to captivated and awed by the natural beauty of Yellowstone. Your visit is but a small moment. Take the time to enjoy it.
At Scenic Safaris, we are honored to partner with the National Park Service to offer a variety of guided tours throughout the park. We’d love to help you plan your first Yellowstone vacation. For more information or to book one of our guided tours, contact us today.