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Explore Yellowstone Safely With A Guided Tour

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Yellowstone National Park is a protected wilderness and is managed in a way that preserves the natural resources, forests, wildlife, and habitats that exist there. When you book a Scenic Safaris’ tour to explore Yellowstone, you’ll be led by a knowledgeable guide who is dedicated to making sure you see all the best sights safely. But it’s still good to have some idea of what to expect before you visit this wild area that still belongs to nature.

Dispelling Common Myths About Grizzlies

There are an estimated 200 to 600 grizzly bears located inside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. While this may sound intimidating, the truth is much less scary. Common myths surrounding these magnificent creatures have given grizzlies a bad name. While you still need to keep your distance from these formidable forces of nature, you might be surprised to learn that grizzlies actually aren’t the aggressive animals that the movies make them out to be.

What You Need To Know

Here is some helpful information about Grizzlies that will help you when you explore Yellowstone:

  • Grizzlies are omnivores. They eat both meat and vegetables. But meat makes up only a small percentage of the grizzly bear diet, of that, most comes from insects, fish and small mammals.
  • Contrary to what you might hear, traveling in bear country is not an invitation to trouble. Bear attacks on humans are actually very rare. In most instances, the bear will see you long before you ever see it. Their tendency is to just disappear to avoid coming in contact with you.
  • Many wonder if it necessary to tread lightly when you explore Yellowstone in bear country. Not at all. In fact, the more noise you make and the bigger your group, the easier it is to avoid a bear encounter; sing, laugh, and talk loudly when hiking in the park. Sticking to major trails is a good idea too.

When you choose a guided Scenic Safaris’ tour to explore Yellowstone, you’ll learn all about the captivating wildlife of the area, including how to stay safe when hiking in its natural habitat. You’ll also be treated to an in-depth and information excursion that will only heighten your experience during your visit.