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Jackson Hole ATV Rental This Summer

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Jackson Hole may be best known for its winter skiing, but locals know that there’s something pretty amazing about the beauty of a mountain summer. The mild temperatures, combined with abundant plant and wildlife make the summer months the ideal time to explore Yellowstone via ATV. Here are just a few of the reasons you should wander through Yellowstone with a Jackson Hole ATV Rental this summer.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

Yellowstone National Park is known for its unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities. In fact, along with the geysers, the animals at Yellowstone are the park’s main draws. During the summer, however, the warm midday temperatures often cause the animals to retreat into the cool forested areas far from the main park roads. At Scenic Safaris, we begin our ATV tours north of Jackson, in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The towering timbers and cool mountain breezes provide wildlife respite from the heat. You will want to keep your eyes and cameras ready for elk, antelope, moose, and bison. Please be sure to keep a safe distance when viewing all of the animals you encounter.

Stunning Summer Scenery

The backcountry of Yellowstone comes alive during the summer months. Thanks to spring rains and runoff from melting snow, the meadows and hillsides brim with verdant grasses, bright wildflowers, and small animals. Along our guided ATV tours, you’ll have the opportunity to explore pristine areas of the Yellowstone backcountry completely inaccessible by car.

Peak Season Without Peak Traffic

Summer is peak season at Yellowstone National Park. From June through August, the park sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In fact, the number one item the asks you to pack when visiting Yellowstone in the summer is patience. The winding roads make for slower travel times than visitors may expect and there can be significant traffic delays. At Scenic Safari, we skip the traffic and take you straight to the Yellowstone wilderness from Jackson.

This summer, see Yellowstone during peak season without the crowds with a Jackson Hole ATV Rental. At Scenic Safaris, we offer full and half-day ATV rides with our knowledgeable and experienced professional guide.