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Yellowstone Hiking Tours this Spring

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The Grand Teton Mountains are stunning regardless of season, but they’re especially scenic in the spring. When you book one of Scenic Safaris’ Yellowstone hiking tours this season, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking display of flora bursting into bloom. You’ll also experience birthing season, when the dozens of animal species that frequent the park begin giving birth to offspring. If you’re hoping to spot a baby moose calf or bear cub, it can only happen here during springtime.

Why Vacation in the Spring?

Spring is typically considered the off-season for Yellowstone National Park. This means it’s the perfect time to plan a visit without battling crowds of visitors. For everyone who enjoys a scenic, leisurely stroll through some of the most remarkable landscapes known to man, a Yellowstone hiking tour hosted by Scenic Safaris is the perfect vacation.

Treasures Galore

A few of the treasures you’ll see include portions of the 25,000 acres that make up the National Elk Refuge. Home to one of the largest elk herds on Earth, the trails that traverse this area yield amazing wildlife photo opportunities. Then there’s always Antelope Flats, where you’ll see moose, pronghorns, and a few bison if they are in the area. You also have a chance to see the Luther Taylor Cabin and Homestead that was featured in the 1953 movie classic “Shane,” starring Alan Ladd if you take on our day long Grand Teton Tour. Feel free to ask about which tour suits you best.

On our Grand Canyon Trail Hike, you’ll discover the spectacular beauty of Yellowstone Falls which is just 3-5 miles in on the hike. The hike will allow you to experience the beautiful Hayden Valley up close and see a sampling of our over 1,500 plant varieties, many just bursting into vibrant bloom. Hike along the relaxing shores of Yellowstone Lake and learn about the migratory patterns of the varied bird species that frequent this area from our friendly and knowledgeable trail guides.

While on one of our Yellowstone hiking tours with a stop at Old Faithful, you’ll see a few of the park’s most famous thermal features, as well as Moose Falls and the stunning Kepler Cascades of Firehole River.

Your Guide for Everything Yellowstone

A day spent touring majestic Grand Teton National Park with the experienced crew of Scenic Safaris is a day you’ll remember forever. Book one of our Yellowstone hiking tours or contact us for more information.