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Yellowstone Park Guide | 10 Things to Do Here

a fox sitting in the grass

You’ve never experienced spring until you’ve experienced the vernal season in Yellowstone National Park. Home to 1,500 varieties of plants and 67 different species of mammals alone, this wild area that stretches throughout Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho offers up some of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see. When you schedule a Yellowstone Safari from Scenic Safaris in Jackson, you’ll have the added convenience of a skilled Yellowstone Park Guide to narrate your visit as you experience all this park has to offer:

1. Catch a Trophy Trout

Yellowstone Lake, Madison River, and any other number of waters in and around Yellowstone, will net you and your fishing buddies brown, rainbow, or brook trout big enough to brag about when you visit the park during trout season.

2. Take a Hike

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is the perfect setting for a romantic nature hike that passes through some of the most interesting geologic formations in the nation, not to mention providing a bird’s eye view of majestic Yellowstone Falls.

3. Drive an ATV

Adventurous families can explore the Gros Ventre and Shadow Mountain areas of the park from the seat of an ATV. Experience miles of unspoiled wilderness and take the opportunity to see elk, bison, and antelope in their natural habitats.

4. Fill your Photo Album

Your Yellowstone Park guide will lead you past some of America’s most scenic spots and situations for perfect photo ops, including thermal geysers, towering forests, and sunsets like you’ve never before experienced. Selfie, anyone?

5. Learn Geology

A tour along the Yellowstone River yields an amazing array of geological sights for the kids. See the path the river has cut through the granite throughout the years, and learn about the history of the area through its geology.

6. Go Skiing

Yellowstone’s high elevations make spring skiing possible in several areas. If you want to avoid the crowds on the powder, schedule your romantic or quiet family ski vacation throughout the first part of April. Take to the slopes the first day out and mix it up with a little light snowshoeing or snowmobiling the next day. (Note: Snow sporting opportunities are dependent on the actual conditions at the time of your trip.)

7. See Big Game Babies

Spring is the season of renewal, and this includes birthing time in the big woods. A Yellowstone vacation in spring can offer a glimpse at baby bison and elk calves, as well as bear cubs in abundance. A guided spring hike along the basin with Scenic Safaris provides an ideal and safe viewing opportunity.

8. Stop and Smell the Flowers

While Yellowstone gets the brunt of its visitors between July and August, a trip in early June offers a spectacular array of wildflowers just blossoming into bloom. You’ll see twin pod, Jacob’s ladder, arrowleaf balsamroot, and fairy slippers as far as the eye can see.

9. Go Camping

Yellowstone is home to 12 campgrounds; most begin opening to visitors around the end of May. If you’re planning a camping trip with friends to this wild area, be sure to check the park website for opening day listings.

10. Rent a Boat

Boating is allowed on several waterways inside Yellowstone Park, including on Yellowstone and Lewis Lakes. Tubing is also permitted. You’ll need permits to do both.

When you plan your Yellowstone vacation for spring, you’ll not only avoid the crowds, but you’ll find an abundance of fun and educational activities to do. Once you take your adventure with Scenic Safaris, you’ll also have the added convenience of an experienced Yellowstone Park guide to lead the way.