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6 Can’t-Miss Attractions in Yellowstone Park

a canyon with a mountain in the background

With the distinct honor of being not only the United States’ first national park but also the world’s, Yellowstone is a can’t-miss destination for people of all ages.

It is also, however, enormous, which makes it difficult to figure out where to go. If you’re wondering where on this gorgeous preserve to set your sights, here’s a list of our favorite can’t-miss destinations.

1. Old Faithful

Known the world over for its clockwork-like eruptions, Old Faithful is a destination in its own right. You won’t wait longer than an hour or so to see it go off, and the display is truly worth it. Consider the Yellowstone Lower Loop Tour to experience this fully.

2. Grand Prismatic Spring

With multicolored rings around the outside representing the growth of different heat-loving bacteria, this is a scientific marvel and a true treat for the eyes. Bring your camera!

3. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Don’t confuse it with the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is its own feature, carved by the Yellowstone River, which is a gorgeous sight to see, especially the dramatically tumbling falls – the Upper Falls at 300 feet and the Lower Falls at 100.

4. Mount Washburn

With an elevation of more than 10,000 feet, you won’t get a more epic view than the top of Mount Washburn. The best time to visit is June through October. Make sure you’re in reasonably good shape; it’s 1,4000-foot elevation gain and a 6.4-mile round trip.

5. Mammoth Hot Springs

While you can’t get in these natural travertine pools, it’s still worth a hike around them, enjoying the steam and the scenery.

6. Snake River

Flowing through Yellowstone, the Snake River is one of the most beautiful water features in Wyoming. You can enjoy it up close and personal by booking a scenic float or a whitewater rafting adventure today. While these trips focus on the Grand Teton mountain range when it comes to scenery, you’ll still get an amazing local experience.

Ready to book your trip to Yellowstone? Don’t wait, as tours fill up fast! Get in touch with Scenic Safaris to ask questions or reserve your spot today!