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ATV Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

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Pop quiz: What’s better than an afternoon spent in the glorious majesty of the Grand Teton mountain range?

Answer: A day spent in the Grand Tetons from the back of an ATV! But you’ve got to play it safe, which is why we’re here with a quick list of ATV safety tips everyone should know. Ready? Here’s your NON-crash course in riding an all-terrain vehicle. (Get it?)

Always Wear Full Gear

The gear is there for a reason, so never take off the helmet, goggles, boots, or whatever other safety coverings your tour operator gives you. If you’re riding on your own, make sure you get fully suited-and-booted before saddling up.

Don’t Ride on Paved Roads

Unless you have to in order to cross them, never drive on paved roads. ATVs are not prepared to protect you in case of a collision with a motor vehicle, so always check thrice before crossing the main road, and get across it quick.

Only Carry Passengers on ATVs Designed for Them

It is NOT safe to cram extra passengers on one-person ATVs. If you want to take your children with you, book a tour from a company that maintains two-person ATVs and act accordingly.

Avoid Alcohol … Every Drop!

Save happy hour for after you’ve gotten off the ATV. Impaired vision and poor judgment have no place in operating a vehicle when there are children, other people, and wildlife around.

Book an ATV Tour Today

Ready to give it a whirl? Time to book an ATV tour! Just make sure to get your spot from a reputable company that has all the applicable licenses and whose tour operators are safety-first. For instance, here at Scenic Safaris, we’re happy to tell you all about the safety measures we take and give you a full instruction course before departure.

Also helpful: Try and find a tour company that offers a range of departure times. Our half-day tour, for instance, departs morning, midday and afternoon to ensure you get the most flexibility out of your trip. The only problem? Spots fill up fast, so don’t wait to pick up the phone and call!