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Touring Antelope Flats: What You Can Expect

an old barn in a field with a mountain in the background

Planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone? Make sure you don’t escape lovely Wyoming without touring Antelope Flats, one of the most majestic plains habitats in the West – if not the entire United States.

If you’re looking for a wonder-filled day, you can’t do better than Antelope Flats. Why is it so awesome? Here are three sights you can expect to see when you jump on a tour today.

Amazing Countryside

With the Teton mountain range towering the background, snow-covered for much of the year, you can’t beat the sweeping views of Antelope Flats. This 640-acre preserve not only offers habitat to bison, antelope and other plains species, it also acts as a wildlife corridor – crucial for the preservation of many large North American mammal species. Seeing it up close and personal in an ATV or side-by-side is a truly unforgettable treat.

Animal Spotting

In addition to the antelopes for which it is named, you are also likely to see bison and moose on your adventure. Small prairie animals are common sightings as well, as are eagles, hawks and other large birds of prey.

Historic Destinations

This stretch of the Old West used to be truly wild country from state line to state line. Today it’s much more populated, of course, but it still maintains some serious historical value. On an Antelope Flats tours, you’ll see old homesteads like Moulton Barn, which is more than 100 years old. You’ll also see other locations of early European settlement.

Ready to schedule that family-filled or romantic trip today? Looking for a getaway with friends or a solo experience? Whatever the case, we’d love to have you along on one of our next tours. Just make sure to schedule soon, as our ATV, side-by-side and van tours fill up fast! It’s never too early to plan an amazing vacation, so get in touch to ask questions or book today.