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Snowmobile Riding Tips for Beginners

a motorcycle is parked on the beach

So … snowmobiling, huh?

Perhaps you’ve considered snowmobiling in the past, but dismissed it as a sport for experts or the hardcore. Maybe you’ve always been enchanted by the idea, but never had the opportunity before. Or possibly, you’ve never even thought of it until presented with the possibility of our once-in-a-lifetime snowmobile tours.

Whatever your story, we have good news: Learning is really pretty easy. Easier than riding a bike, in fact, since you already know how to drive and don’t have to deal with balance.

More specifics, you say? No problem. Here are four essential snowmobile riding tips for beginners to get you started.

1. Take Your First Tour with Experts

While snowmobiling isn’t a great challenge mechanics-wise, the prospect of spending all day in the snow and wilds may feel daunting. That’s smart; there are dangers out there. However, in the presence of a guide, those dangers are much diminished. So while you’re learning, don’t go far on your own.

2. Don’t Skimp on Recommended Gear

It’s cold out there, folks. While your tour guide will outfit you with your insulating top layers, including snow pants, jacket and boots, it is critical that you do right by your underlayers. That includes thick, warm shirts and socks, thermals and other items recommended by your tour company.

3. Be Careful with Electronics

This isn’t a walk around the neighborhood. Sub-freezing temperatures and moisture in the air can damage or destroy cameras and cell phones. Bring suitable protection for them, such as Ziploc bags tucked under the jacket but over your underclothes.

4. Try Not to Bring a Passenger Your First Time

Learning to ride a snowmobile is easier if your center of gravity is focused on you. Another rider will throw that off, which will steepen the learning curve. If possible, go solo your first time. If not possible, stay calm and learn the feel of the machine before you put the pedal to the metal.

Want to learn more about our winter snowmobile tours? We would love to tell you all about them, so get in touch with us here at Scenic Safaris to ask questions or book a trip today!