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What to Wear On Your Yellowstone or Grand Teton Snowmobile Tour

a group of people cross country skiing in the snow

There’s no better way to see Wyoming’s national parks and wildernesses than on the back of a snowmobile. You can reach those remote places where bison and wolves roam, see frozen streams in all their ice-crusted glory and enjoy stunning, photo-ready views when you stop.

One of the best ways to see it all is to hop on a snowmobile tour, guided by a professional who knows all the prettiest spots. So you’re convinced, but what should you wear?

Know That Day’s Weather

As with any place, some days are colder than others in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. If there’s going to be lots of sun, you can get away with slightly cooler layers underneath your snowsuit. However, if the weather is snowy or sprinkling sleet, you’ll want the full complement of thermals and fleeces under your suit. A good rule of thumb is to dress the same as you would for skiing.

Pro tip: It’s better to have more layers than not enough, since you can always shed a jacket or two during the tour.

Brings All the Fixin’s

Your outfitter will give you the most important pieces of clothing you need, including gear-boots, one-piece suit, helmet, and gloves. However, you’re on your own for hat and scarf and thick socks. Be sure to wear wool socks, as well as a balaclava which fits perfectly under your helmet. Balaclava’s are very important, so don’t forget to bring yours. It’s literally a neck saver!

Dress in Layers

Your snow tour will take a full 12 hours, which means you’ll be out and about during several weather shifts, not to mention enduring the temperature changes between when you’re tramping around and when you’re flying along on a snowmobile. You’d be surprised how much your body temp will rise and fall in response to these changes.

Accordingly, wear temperature-regulating shirts such as thermals underneath your suit, topped by a fleece or thin wicking jacket. On your snowmobile tour, you might shed and don clothes as needed, but be warned: Wearing too little can result in you catching a cold or worse, frostbite. Always make sure to err on the warm side for kiddos.

That’s it! Feel free to contact us and ask any other questions you might have or schedule your Yellowstone snowmobile tour today.