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Our Favorite Winter Activities in Jackson Hole Wyoming

a couple of people that are standing in the snow

A pristine, sparkling, snapping winter landscape brings a thrilling flush to the cheeks and a warm glow that even the coziest fireside or hottest winter day can’t achieve. Humans love to tramp, snugly wrapped, through the great outdoors – and what better place to do it than in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park?

If you’re planning a cold-weather trip in the near future, you’re probably wondering which outdoor activities make the most of the winter wonderland … so today, we’re here to tell you just that.

1. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is an unparalleled experience if you’ve never done it – or even if you have. Get ready to explore the beauty of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon and Old Faithful (plus more in the nearby national forest) on the back of a speeding snowmobile with these tours. Make sure to bring that camera along for all the scenic stops.

2. Van and Snow Coach Tours

Prefer the comfort of hot coffee and a cozy seat, with windows between you and Jack Frost? You can’t go wrong with a van tour over roads through Grand Teton National Park to enjoy its amazing landscapes, or a luxury snow coach trip that takes you right through Yellowstone’s backcountry. Book a private tour with your own large group, or sign on as a couple or family with others for the possibility of viewing elk, bison, moose, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, and wolves.

3. Hiking

Of course, nothing beats the silence of you, your snow boots and nature. Sometimes a trailhead is all you’re really looking for. Here’s one of the best lists of hikes in the area, so check them out today.

4. Drinking Cocoa by the Fire

Okay, we did say firesides can’t hold a candle to the great outdoors. So sue us. Let’s be honest, though: There’s nothing better after a long day of exploring nature’s frosty landscapes that coming back to a hot fire and a hotter drink. So after your outdoor adventure, be sure to schedule some cozy indoor time to rest, relax and get pumped for your next outdoor jaunt.

Want to learn more about exploring Yellowstone and Jackson Hole? We invite you to get in touch with us at Scenic Safaris for more information or to set up a tour today!