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Rundown of Yellowstone Construction in 2018

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Boasting more than 2.2 million acres of land and spanning across three different states, Yellowstone National Park is one of the largest national parks in the country. Not surprisingly, a lot of work goes into maintaining the park and protecting its visitors. Those who are hoping to explore Yellowstone National Park need to stay informed about the construction projects that are taking place in 2018.

Yellowstone Construction 2018: What You Need to Know

  • There is an ongoing project from Norris to Mammoth that impacts motorists who are driving through the park. Generally, construction at this section of the park is resulting in 30-minute traveling delays.

  • The Canyon Overlooks and Trails Restoration Project is underway, and there are some areas that are not accessible at this time.

  • East Entrance Road between Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond is being worked on. Most travelers can expect 30-minute delays on this road. However, Fishing Bridge will be completely closed for renovations from October 15 to November 5. Alternate routes are advised.

  • The trails at Mount Washburn have been closed for the 2018 season, as the trails are being renovated and maintained.

  • A small stretch of Beartooth Highway between the Top of the World Store and Long Lake is being repaved. During the construction, there are areas of the road that are unpaved. Generally, most travelers on this road are only going to experience minor travel delays.

Traveling through Yellowstone National Park can be overwhelming, even without ongoing construction projects. To alleviate the stress and frustration of the journey, and to maximize your experience within this massive park, consider booking a tour with Scenic Safaris. We offer both summer and winter tours that are designed to give you access to the most famous attractions within the park while also allowing you to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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