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Our Favorite Fall Hikes in Jackson, Wyoming

a group of shoes on grass

As the leaves scatter to the ground across Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, one might assume that fall is the time of year when nature quiets down and prepares for the long winter sleep ahead. On the contrary, autumn is a lively season in the wide open ranges of Jackson, Wyoming, which makes for invigorating hikes.

At Scenic Safaris, we feel that these are a few of the best hikes for this time of year:

Cascade Canyon Hike at Grand Teton National Park

This is a hiking trail that is usually packed with tourists during the summer months, but it’s one of the most peaceful trails in the fall. Given the fact that the boat shuttle is closed in the fall, hikers have to maneuver along the lake shoreline at the base of the canyon. The reward for this extra effort is amazing views that include spectacular fall color.

Old Faithful Geyser Basin Hike at Yellowstone National Park

This is one of the full-day tours offered by us at Scenic Safaris. Our experienced guides get hikers off of the routine, popular trails and into some of the hidden trails that include unbeatable sights of the top attractions within the park. Most of these intimate hiking trails will take you around the basins of the geysers that are famous in the park.

Elephant Back Loop Trail at Yellowstone National Park

This has long been a favorite among Yellowstone visitors, largely because of the views of Yellowstone Lake that can be discovered along the way. These views are particularly spectacular in the fall, when colorful leaves transform this vista into a living work of art.

Experienced hikers may feel confident enough to navigate along any of the trails while visiting Jackson, Wyoming in the fall, but others may feel more compelled to complete their hike with a guide. At Scenic Safaris, we offer a variety of unique adventures throughout Yellowstone and Grand Teton. For more information on our offerings, contact us today.