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Yellowstone’s Geology Explained

In 2014, the Seven Natural Wonders Organization selected Yellowstone National Park as one of North America’s most amazing features. It was an easy decision – of the scientists and leaders polled, Yellowstone received the most nominations and number one votes. “It is well known across the world that Yellowstone is a unique and amazing place,” Yellowstone Spokesman Al Nash said following the announcement.

What makes Yellowstone so special? Besides being America’s first National Park, it’s the site of a massive supervolcano that sits below the earth’s crust. In addition to the famous Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone is home to a massive canyon, waterfalls, hot springs, and diverse wildlife including black bears, elk, and American bison. Scenic Safaris’ 12-hour Yellowstone Lower Loop Tour hits the park’s major points of interest along a southern route, from Old Faithful and West Thumb’s gushing waters to the Fountain Paint Pots.

Our helpful infographic explains the geologic magic behind the amazing landscapes you’ll see on your journey. Contact Scenic Safaris at 1-888-734-8898 today to book a Yellowstone tour you’ll never forget.

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