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​5 Places for Spectacular Sunsets in Grand Teton

a view of a snow covered mountain

Wyoming is home to some of the best mountain sunsets in the west. From Yellowstone to Jenny Lake and Aspen Mountain, rocky landscapes combine with cloudy skies painted in sherbet hues to create breathtaking photo-ops. Sunset viewing can be trickier at Grand Teton National Park. The mountain range runs north to south here, which means the Tetons block the sun as it dips close to the horizon.

Scenic Safaris scoured the walkable/drivable sections of the park’s 310,000 acres to find five of the best early nighttime viewing spots along the Snake River and beyond. Sunset happens quickly here, so have your camera at the ready about an hour before dusk.


a tree with a mountain in the background

1. Snake River Overlook

If you’re looking to recreate Ansel Adams’ 1942 image of the Tetons above the Snake River, this is the spot. It’s picturesque at any time of day and especially beautiful at dusk when the sky above the peaks is bathed in crimson. The best part? Adams’ pic was shot in black-and-white, which means that despite the overgrowth that now obscures part of the view, your colorful Instagram pic will look just as good as the original.

a lake with a mountain in the background

2. Signal Mountain Lodge

Our Sunset Tour takes guests through Antelope Flats and the National Elk Refuge, past the Shane Cabins, culminating in dinner at Signal Mountain Lodge. Open May through October, the lodge includes a marina and several eateries overlooking Jackson Lake. Enjoy sustainable trout or a Wyoming sirloin paired with a glass of merlot while dining at the Peaks Restaurant. The mountain views from the patio here are spectacular at sunset, when the orange sky reflects off the Tetons’ snow-capped peaks. Head outside to get the best shot.

a sunset over a lake


3. Schwabacher’s Landing

Located along the eastern shore of the Snake River, this flood plain access area is a top spot for wildlife viewing. It’s flat and rocky, with unobstructed views of the mountains across the wild river. Sunsets here are extraordinary, especially in cooler weather, but you’ll need to visit prior to the winter snowfalls when the dirt access road is inaccessible.

a sunset in the background


4. Moose-Wilson Road

The final stop on our Sunset Tour, Moose-Wilson is an 8-mile scenic route through the antlered creature’s main territory. Animal activity peaks at dusk here. Mountain views are obscured by the trees along this route, but keep your eyes peeled and your camera close for places like the Granite Canyon Trailhead where the peaks are fully visible above the tree line.

clouds in the sky over a snow covered mountain


5. Signal Mountain Summit Road

Arguably the best panoramic views of Grand Teton National Park can be seen along this five-mile trek that climbs 800-1,000 feet from the Lodge towards the top of the mountain. Stop at Jackson Overlook for breathtaking vistas encompassing the Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake and the Gros Ventre range. More adventurous types can forgo the wheels and trail hike to the viewing point.

Whether you’re seeing Grand Teton National Park on foot or from the comfort of our Bigfoot coach bus, the views at sunset anywhere in the park are worth the trip. Snap some postcard-worthy pics to show family and friends back home or just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Contact Scenic Safaris at 1-888-734-8898 and start planning your trek through Grand Teton today.