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Grand Teton Tour | Shane Cabins & More

a large green field with a mountain in the background

Origins of Luther Taylor Homestead

The original homestead was established in 1916 by John Erwin. If Erwin built a cabin on the land, however, it did not survive. The property was then purchased in 1923 by a man named Luther Taylor who built at least three known cabins on the site. All three cabins were made with wood and other local resources.

The main house, though rustic, was more than just a dirt floor enclosed by log walls. A remarkable amount of care was taken to create a comfortable home. The logs comprising the interior walls had been carefully chopped to create a smooth surface. The walls were also insulated with newspaper, whitewashed, and layered with wallpaper. All of these steps were unusual for log cabins of the time and would have created a cozy atmosphere.

The Shane Cabins

By 1948, Taylor sold the homestead to father and son, Andy and Roy Chambers. The land was used as an addition to the Chambers family farm and the buildings were rented out for a couple of years. Subsequently, they fell into disuse after that time.

In the early 1950s, however, Paramount Pictures was looking for a site to shoot the movie, Shane. The Luther Taylor homestead fit the bill perfectly. Since the filming of Shane, the buildings have never returned to regular use; however, these cabins, sometimes known today as the Shane Cabins, are the most intact original homestead in the area.

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