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Yellowstone Day Tours for the Snowmobile Adventurer

a flock of birds standing on top of a snow covered mountain

At Scenic Safaris, we understand that it takes more than just one day to experience the best that Yellowstone National Park has to offer in winter. That’s why we’ve put together our famous Yellowstone day tours that stretch over the course of several days. Choose from two, three, or six-day snowmobile tours that take you into the wild of this protected area for adventure like you’ve never experienced before.

What You’ll See

During our extended Yellowstone day tours, you will have the opportunity to visit the pristine Teton backcountry, which includes a host of native wildlife to see such as elk, bison, beaver, bears, and antelope. You will catch a glimpse of Yellowstone’s famous Aspens covered in snow and experience the indescribable hush that falls over this landscape with the arrival of winter’s first snows. At night, you’ll stay in one of several local guest ranches or lodges that have great atmosphere and comfort. You’ll eat hot, home-style meals lovingly prepared in some amazing local kitchens, and you will also see sunsets to rival some of the world’s best.

How You’ll Travel

When you book one of Scenic Safaris’ extended Yellowstone day tours, you’ll pilot one of our well-maintained snowmobiles that are available for licensed drivers. These can accommodate passengers as young as six-years-old.

You will receive boots, a helmet, gloves, balaclava, and a full-body suit to keep you warm, toasty, and dry during your tour. All you will need to bring is your camera and a sense of adventure.

If you thought Yellowstone National Park was only fun during the summer months, you’re going to love the surprises this mountain wilderness yields when you explore from the back of a snowmobile in winter. Long, adventurous days on the snow-covered landscape between hearty, home-cooked meals and a warm, cozy lodge in which to retire at night, are all the earmarks of a Scenic Safaris’ multi-day snowmobile tour.