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Off-Roading | The Wilds of Wyoming

a fox walking through the tall grass

For some visitors, a trip to Yellowstone National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It begins with a yearning to spend time in one of America’s last unspoiled wilderness areas, and ends with bragging rights to Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon. But if you are planning your first time here, you should consider spending a little quality time on the many scenic, forest trails that surround the park too. An off-road rental tour that features an experienced guide is a must-have adventure when you visit Yellowstone. Our team at Scenic Safaris will take you for the adventure of a lifetime.

Wildlife You’ll See on the Trail

The best part about exploring Yellowstone’s surrounding areas by off-road rental vehicle is that you never really know what you might see or what life-changing encounters you might have. Yellowstone is famous for its wildlife, and when you take a Scenic Safaris ATV tour, you’ll have the opportunity to view much of it on their own terms. Gray wolves and grizzly bears are certainly possibilities, though you’ll want to keep your distance. Other native species thrive here as well, including 61 species of mammals such as badgers, otters, and fox along with 285 species of birds, like trumpeter swans and common loons.

Native Plant Species

If you plan your Scenic Safaris ATV Tour in late spring or early summer, you’ll have the unique opportunity to witness trails come alive with color and fragrance, as native plants burst into bloom. Marsh marigold, phlox, and evening primrose are all mighty bloomers, and along the trails and backwoods of the park and its surrounding areas is where you’ll find them.

An off-road rental is the perfect vehicle for exploring big chunks of wilderness in a limited amount of time. Scenic Safaris offers guided ATV tours that range from 2 to 5 hours so there’s a tour to fit every schedule.

When you’re ready to begin your Yellowstone off-road adventure, we’re ready to provide it.