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Best Yellowstone Tours for Fall

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The fall season at Yellowstone is one of the park’s best kept secrets. While summer welcomes the highest number of visitors every year, autumn rewards those willing to visit outside of peak season. Thanks to wildlife migrations and fewer visitors, some of the best Yellowstone tours are available during the fall season. Here are a few tips and tricks for people planning a trip to Yellowstone this fall.

Wildlife Viewing

In Yellowstone, the cooler temperatures bring the elk rut. While the bison rut, or mating season, occurs in July and August, the elk rut happens in September and October. Mammoth Hot Springs and Grant Village are the best places to see these animals during their fall rutting season.

The anticipation of cold, winter weather also makes fall an ideal time for bird watching and bear sightings. Thanks to the annual raptor migration, many birds of prey can be seen beginning their journey to warmer weather. Additionally, black and grizzly bear sightings are more prevalent as these animals move to lower elevations.

Fall Foliage

During the fall season, the views when hiking and backpacking in Yellowstone are unparalleled. Above 7,000 feet, the leaves start to change in September with a flurry of yellows, reds, and oranges that completely transform the area. In October, the trees below 7,000 feet also begin to show their fall colors as snow accumulates in the higher elevations. At Scenic Safaris, our guided ATV rides are some of the best Yellowstone tours during the fall. On an ATV, it’s easy to travel through the backcountry at the peak of seasonal beauty and experience breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park.

Service Changes

Keep in mind, due to the elevation, fall and winter in Yellowstone come early compared to many other parts of the country. While all roads and services remain open throughout August, the park begins to limit services, such as camping and boating, in September. The first winter road closures start in October. In spite of these changes, we continue to offer year-round guided tours of Yellowstone. As a result, our knowledgeable guides can ensure you get the full Yellowstone experience even when there are road closures. This fall see a whole new side of Yellowstone. At Scenic Safaris we are committed to providing the best Yellowstone tours in all seasons. Contact us and explore beyond the peak season with a Yellowstone tour today.