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See Yellowstone Through The Seasons

a view of the side of a road

Yellowstone National Park is year-round. Whether you come to the park in spring, summer, fall, or winter, at Scenic Safaris we can guarantee there will always be fun things to do and spectacular things to see.


Spring comes late to Yellowstone National Park. Some roads and trails don’t open up until late April. However, visitors to the park are few during the month of May. So if you prefer some extra solitude during your visit, this is how you do it. Additionally, when you see Yellowstone in the spring, you’ll have a better opportunity for baby wildlife encounters. There’s nothing more adorable than that here in the park.


Summer is peak season for the nation’s oldest national park. Visiting Yellowstone during June, July, or August will give you ample opportunity to witness the forests, shorelines, and trailways in full, spectacular bloom. These are also the best months for fishing in the park — August especially — because water temperatures are warming and insects are hatching. This unique combination creates an ideal situation for hungry brook and lake trout as well as mountain whitefishes.


Just as spring comes late to this area, fall arrives early. Usually by September, Yellowstone wildlife becomes more visible. Winter is coming, and instinct leads them further afield to look for food. Elk begin to rut during this time, and it’s not unusual to hear their familiar bugle. Fall also comes to life here in the form of spectacularly colored foliage. If you stick to the lower elevations, you’ll bear witness to grand seasonal changes, like Yellowstone’s famous aspen groves that turn a bright and lovely yellow this time of year.


Typically, only the most fearless at heart attempt to see Yellowstone in winter. But those who do never forget it. It’s possible to travel throughout most areas of the park in winter by snowshoe, ski, snow coach or snowmobile. And if you’re up to the challenge, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a level of quiet magnificence that’s simply not available here any other time of the year.

See Yellowstone at its best, twelve months out of the year, when you book a grand Scenic Safaris guided tour.